Industrial and Commercial

The Box Concrete Company has developed a close and mutually trusting relationship with developers and contractors in the Southern Highlands playing an integral role in timely delivery to the most exacting standard for the last decade.

Multi-Storey developments

The Box Concrete Company is offering concreting services to developers and contractors engaged in multi-storey construction including all necessary formwork and reinforced concrete (RC) requirements. We are able to offer sevices using advanced concreting techniques designed for:

  • Pre- and post-tensioning construction
  • Precast concrete superstructure
  • Columns
  • Roof and floor beams
  • Flooring systems
  • Staircases
  • Structural walls
  • Cantilever balconies
  • Composite frames
  • Solid flat slab
  • Solid flat slab with dropped panels
  • One-way slab with ban beams
  • One-way slab with narrow beams
  • Two-way spans
  • Waffle slabs
  • Beam and Slab
  • Ribbed Slab

Steel fixing

The Box Concrete Company offers a high standard of steel fixing either as a stand alone service or more often as a part of our extended concrete services. Steel fixing and concreting go hand-in-hand, and so steel fixers generally work with concreters to complete building work.

Box Concrete provide steel placement services for residential, civil, commericial and large infrastructure purposes. Our team of qualified steel fixers will:

  • Read and interpret working plans and steel lists for the job
  • Set out the work from these instructions make steel bars or mesh the required length by cutting them with bolt cutters, guillotines or power saws
  • Assemble the reinforcing bars or mesh by welding, wiring or clipping into pre-determined locations within the concrete
  • Fabricate steel reinforcement as beams, footing pads or special units
  • Join the pre-fabricated units together for large sections of high rise or civil projects, and position the reinforcement ready for concrete pours.

Box Concrete will work together with all crane, forklift, scissor lift and other heavy machinery services never compromising our strict safety standards along the way. We stick to the strictest codes of practice with:

  • Fulfillment of all industry codes of compliance
  • Strict adherence to all government safety initiatives